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‘Tree fuchsia’ usually 2 to 3m in height but can reach up to 12m. INDIGENOUS Evergreen and found naturally in the Cape. Small orange flowers in summer followed by fruit in August that turns black as it ripens. This tree will bring the birds into your garden, especially the much-loved Sunbird. Plant in full sun or semi-shade and protect from excessive wind.
Organically grown Organically grown
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1 Acacia xanthophloea
2 Buddleja saligna
3 Diospyros whyteana
4 Halleria lucida
5 Laurus nobilis
6 Lemon Eureka/Lisbon
7 Olea africana
8 Olive mission
9 Rhus pendulina
10 Syzigium guineense
11 Syzigium paniculata

12 Tarconanthus camphoratus
13 Viburnam tinus
14 Carissa macrocarpa
15 Rhus crenata