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Indigenous & Exotic Plants

We sell mainly indigenous and exotic trees, hedging plants and shrubs to fit in every indoor or outdoor setting.

Organic Process

All our plants are organically grown with our own brand of carefully selected compost and organic soils.

Gardening Services

We offer landscaping, planting, and irrigation – ensuring beautiful and professionally established gardens.

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Trees and Hedges, 2 Valley Rd, Hout Bay, 7806
Monday–Saturday: 9am–5pm
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Hedges & Shrubs

Fruit Trees

About Our Nursery

In 2010 our family moved to Hout Bay after running a farming, forestry and a timber processing business in the Natal Midlands. On arriving we immediately fell in love with the Hout Bay valley environment and subsequently purchased a two-acre property in Valley Road.

Our dream to start a new and exciting enterprise in the western province had become a reality and the rampage was on.

We grow & propagate
From Seedlings

To Save Costs

Our motto
Happy Plants

Make Happy Clients

Trees & Plants available in compost bag
5Lt to 60Lt bags

Full size range

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